Based in London

Current/Upcoming -

17th June-August - RiverLight, Sleaford, Lincs

1-25 July - Brixton Blog & Bugle show, London

3rd August - Black Shuck, Bungay, Suffolk

11th August - HorseFair, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

20-22nd Sept - Totally Thames Festival, London

9th November - Steep celebration, Hampshire

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William Lindley - Artist

I am a visual artist based in London, UK. My work spans works on paper, objects, moving image and installation and is presented in various settings including galleries, concert halls, theatres, museums and historic buildings.

Rooted in drawing, my work emerges from historical and contemporary explorations and research, combining documentary and intuitive approaches. I draw upon a wide range of sources and inspirations to create works incorporating drawing, intaglio, film, projection and installation, combining traditional techniques with contemporary processes. I often respond to research through improvised making, creating work which is rooted to place, but when presented back into its original setting seeks to open places up to new interpretations and create a dialogue with history.

I work as an individual and in community and collaborative settings, sometimes incorporating workshops and participation into the development of my work. I enjoy working collaboratively with other artists, makers, and musicians.