Based in London

Upcoming -

April. Off the Fence. Brockwell Park, London

June. RiverLight Festival, Sleaford, Lincs

Recent -

27 March. Flow. The Hackney Gallery, London

28 February-14 March. Fronteer Gallery, Sheffield

17 February. Spilsby Light Night, Lincolnshire

12th February. Sutton-on-Sea, Lincolnshire

1 December. Bright Winter Nights, Bolsover, Derbys

18 November. A Wondrous Odyssey, Portsmouth

18-21 October. RiverLight, Sleaford, Lincolnshire

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FLOW is an interactive immersive artwork projection exploring brain health and the research led by Dr Catherine Hall, of the Brain Energy Lab at the University of Sussex, supported by Alzheimer’s Research UK’s Inspire Fund.

Further information about Alzheimer's Research UK and The Brain Energy Lab can be found here.

The installation has a running time of 12 minutes, with music by Ljudvagg.

Upcoming show:

27th March 2024, 11am-9pm. Hackney Gallery, 1 Lower Clapton Road, London, E5 0NS. Free entry.

Previous events:

Artwork projection:
15-17th September 2023, The Quarter Gallery, Brighton.

Public drawing workshops:
19th April 2023. FLOW drawing workshop, Jubilee Library, Brighton
22nd April 2023. Brain Science Fair, Brighthelm Centre, Brighton