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17th June-August - RiverLight, Sleaford, Lincs

1-25 July - Brixton Blog & Bugle show, London

3rd August - Black Shuck, Bungay, Suffolk

11th August - HorseFair, Horncastle, Lincolnshire

20-22nd Sept - Totally Thames Festival, London

9th November - Steep celebration, Hampshire

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Commission for GLOW at Eastbury Manor House, Barking, London, November 2019. Two part moving image projection exploring the history of the house and its surroundings, with projections into the courtyard and on the chimneys overlooking the courtyard. Drop in workshops were held in the house as part of the development of the project.

Chimney stacks projection seen from neighborhood
Projection onto chimney stacks from courtyard
Projection within courtyard
Projection onto chimney stacks
Courtyard projection
Chimney stacks projection